October 2018

Nashville, TN


GUILTY PLEASURES. On stage at Mercy Lounge on Saturday October 27, 2018 with a Halloween spectacular costume extravaganza with the band members and the audience. I have followed, been a fan, of this band since it's inception in 2001. I moved away from Nashville in 2007 and would check on their performance schedule when I would come back into town. Now that I'm back in Tennessee full time I have more opportunities to get to their gigs. It's a dynamic group of friends who are obviously having a great time on stage performing so many songs we all know and love, singing along and dancing. They are all so talented, bringing their A-game every time and always bringing JOY.

I happened to bring my camera thinking I might be able to get a few shots. As I've left a 20 year career in academia the fog of my past is clearing and I remember how much JOY I get out of this type of photography - action, lifestyle, performance, motion - in addition to my passion for travel photography. I wasn't able to get too close to the stage as the other fans were steadfast in their spots. And the one time I did get really close for the saxophone I was harassed by a drunk dude wearing a priest costume - ironic - whose girlfriend was trying to restrain him.

Below are what I think are the best 48 shots out of I'm not sure how many I took, in chronological order.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN Y'ALL! and yes, I'm available to do more of this.


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